"   Sorry about the blood
in your mouth.
I wish it was mine.   "
Richard Siken, “Little Beast.” (via literarymiscellany)



Every word is true, Marit Dik

"   This is not your problem. You have your own body to deal with. The lamp by the bed is broken. You are feeling things he’s no longer in touch with. And everyone is speaking softly, so as not to wake one another. The wind knocks the heads of the flowers together. Steam rises from every cup at every table at once. Things happen all the time, things happen every minute that have nothing to do with us.   "
Richard Siken, “A Primer for the Small Weird Loves” (via rhymine)
"   You swallow my heart and flee, but I want it back now, baby. I want it back.   "
Richard Siken, excerpt of Dirty Valentine  (via camilla-macauley)
"   I’m battling monsters, I’m pulling you out of the burning buildings and you say ‘I’ll give you anything’ but you never come through.   "
Richard Siken (via miscellaneous-quotes)
"   I am accused. I dream of massacres.
I am a garden of black and red agonies. I drink them,
Hating myself, hating and fearing. And now the
world conceives
Its end and runs toward it, arms held out in love.   "
Sylvia Plath, Three Women: A Poem for Three Voices  (via abattoirette)
"   We knew each other in a way we no longer were and never would be again. Being a stranger is hard, but being a stranger when you’re so impossibly close is unbearable.   "
Herta Müller, The Hunger Angel
(via lovely—delight)


Not sure if i’m awake/what is real/how I feel/what is pain/what is guilt